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Updates:- 23/01/2017
Kalia Kalia Bhakata Bholia (2017)New Odia Bhajan Songs, [Download]
Mo Bela Pachichi Dj SantosNew Odia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
Mo Bela Pachichi (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net , [Download]
Anty Anty (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net , [Download]
Aasilu Jebu Tu Jaana Pheri (2017)New Odia Movie 1st Songs , [Download]
Premika Kanhiki Heli (2017)New Odia Albam Songs , [Download]
Love Me For One Day (2017)New Odia Albam Songs , [Download]
Aaahe Dinabandhu (2017)New Odia Bhajan Songs , [Download]
True Lover (2016)New Odia Albam Videos Added, [Download]
Baha Kiliki (Bahubali 2) Dj SaniaNew Odia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
Madan Mohan (2016)New Odia Bhajan Songs , [Download]
Tamaku Dekhila Pare (2017)New Odia Movie 1st Songs , [Download]
Mast Mast Mastani (2017)New Odia Albam Songs , [Download]
Tu Mate Bhala Paa (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
Sri Hari (2017)New Odia Bhajan Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Ghanta Ku 60 Thara Call Karibu (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Botala Bhangibi Gori Bobal Dj GaneshNew Odia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
Masani Ru Aasichi Daka (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Sweet Heart Laxmi (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Tama Pila Dina Sarilani (2016)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Premara Nisha Niara Niara (2016)New Odia Movie 3rd Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
Dhana Dhana Dakuthilu (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Puruna Chithi (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Mora Sabu Jila Re Alia (2016)New Odia Albam Videos, [Download]
Langala Chasa (2016)New Odia Albam Videos, [Download]
Aadi Sakti Maa (2016)New Odia Bhajan Videos, [Download]
He Sai Dia Tame Sesa Drasan (2016)New Odia Bhajan Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
I Love You Gori (2016)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Tumari Katha (2016)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Sesa Lekha Pare (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
A Prema Kanhiki Hela (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Kahin Mote Maridelu (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Delu Upahara (2016)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Mun Jitu (2016)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Happy New Year (2017)New Odia Albam Videos, [Download]
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