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Updates:- 23/01/2017
Desi Gai Khira Mitha Dj SantosNew Odia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
Desi Gai Khira Mitha (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
DJ Babu (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Tate Mun Bhala Paye (2017)New Odia Pop Albam Songs, [Download]
Bolo Jay Jagannatha (2017)New Odia Bhajan Songs, [Download]
Mu Maribi Febuary 14 Re (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Sapana Laguchi Fika (2017)New Odia Albam Videos, [Download]
New Year DJ Volume (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Seithi Ama Gaan (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Sagarika Tame Galapare (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
A Tampa Taru (2017)New Odia Adibasi Albam Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
Nua Nua Prema (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Tu Sathi (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Maal Mahu Jibana Mati (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Crush (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Songs] - [Videos]
Mun To Raja Tu Mo Rani (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
To Bina Aakhire Khele Sunyata (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Avinandana - Happy New Year (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
To Nadia Bhangibi (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Chikini Chikini (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
Angara (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Dil Mane Na To Bina (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
To Rangare De Bhijei (Ganesh Prasad)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Kathare Katha Rahila (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
Dil Diwana Heigala (2016)New Odia Movie 2nd Songs, [Download]
Ameta Toka Sandha Marks (2016)New Odia Full Movie, [Download]
God Father (2017)New Odia Movie 4th Videos, [Download]
Rupa Chandini (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
God Father (2016)New Odia Movie All Original Songs, [Download]
Dilbara (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
Cheli Khaigala Tali (2017)New Odia Albam Videos, [Download]
To Bina Lage Eka Eka (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Bari Pijuli (2017) - Manas KumarNew Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
New Year Spl. Vol - 1 DjSantos & DjGaneshOdia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
Abay Chup (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
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