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Updates:- 23/01/2017
Tip Tip Barsa Pani Dj Kiran (Nayagarh)Odia Dj Mix Songs , [Download]
Bujhigali Priya Bujhigali (2017)New Odia Albam Videos, [Download]
Dj Lalu Mix (Vol.17)New Odia Dj Mix Songs , [Download]
Rough Khata (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Nije Khoje Nija Thikana (2017)New Odia Albam Songs , [Download]
Rajadhani Sundari (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Sundari Jhia Tie (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Kahin Emiti Kalu (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Nata Nagara He (2017)New Odia Bhajan Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
MajiCal Love (2017)New Odia Movie 2nd Original Songs, [Download]
Dill Diwana Heigala (2017)New Odia Movie 4th Original Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
Tamaku Dekhila Pare (2017)New Odia Movie 5th Original Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
God Father (2016)New Odia Movie All Original Videos, [Download]
Sunday Re Mora Bear Party Dj SantosNew Odia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
Alo Lo Lo Lo Dj Nagen & Dj KartikNew Odia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
A Prema Kemiti Hue Dj NagenNew Odia Dj Mix Videos, [Download]
Siridi Dhame Jiba Jau (2017)New Odia Bhajan Videos, [Download]
Tu Mori Mana (Ganesh Prasad)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Karubaki (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
New Year DJ Volume (2017)New Odia Albam Videos, [Download]
First Jebe Tate Dekhili (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Salam Sairam (2017)New Odia Bhajan Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Mo Akhire Rahichu (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
Nijhum Ratira Sathi Dj Balia (Kadua)New Odia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
Sankara Pura Toka (2017)New Odia Albam Songs 1st On Net, [Download]
To Nadia Bhangibi (GP STYLE) Dj GaneshNew Odia Dj Mix Songs, [Download]
Nijhum Ratira Sathi (2017)New Odia Movie All Original Songs, [Songs] - [Videos]
Bolo Jay Jagannatha (2017)New Odia Bhajan Videos, [Download]
Mathare Dei Pata Odhani (2017)New Odia Full Movie, [Download]
Alo Mina Mu Tora Prema Diwana (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Sabu Bhuli Tate Bhala Mu Pauchi (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Mana Khoje Sathi (2017)New Odia Albam Songs, [Download]
Dwadasha Jyotirlinga (2017)New Odia Bhajan Songs, [Download]
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