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Updates:- 29/05/2017
Dhire Dhire Jinba Sikhili (2017) Odia New Album Songs , [Songs] ~ [Videos]
Odia New Sambalpuri Album Songs (2017) , [ High School Wali ] ~ [ Dungri Rani ]
Romeo Juliet (2017) Odia New Movie 5th Title Songs , [Download Now]
Saajna (2017) Odia New Album Full HD Videos, [Download Now]
Tu Iswara Tu Allah (2017) - Taal Music Odia New Bhajan Album All Songs, [Download Now]
Odia New Sambalpuri Album Songs (2017) , [ Mitare Mita ] ~ [ Itili Bali 3 ]
Mo Gaon Premika (2017) Odia New Album Songs, [Songs] ~ [Videos]
Hey Phaguna (2017) Odia New Album Songs, [Songs] ~ [Videos]
Jay Jagannath (2017) - Rochita Sahoo Odia New Bhajan Songs, [Download Now]
Pherichi Mo Sadhaba Bohu (2017) - Lubun Tubun Odia New Album Songs, [Songs] ~ [Videos]
Nahin Mo Pade - Romeo Juliet (2017) Odia New Movie 4th Songs , [Download Now]
Tu Kemiti Chirilu Chhati Ku Mora (2017) Odia New Album Songs, [Download Now]
Sunija Tu Jogire (2017) - Sarthak FMOdia New Album Songs, [Download Now]
Kahide Re Priyatama (2017) Odia New Album 2nd Songs, [Download Now]
Jaaniya (2017) Odia New Album Teaser HD Videos, [Download Now]
Baba Nageile Nageile - Dj Lalu (Electro Dance Mix) - ft. Manas Kumar Odia New Dj Songs, [Download Now]
Sekxy Matajee (2017)Odia New Albam Songs , [Download Now]
Gote Cup Coffee (2017) Odia New Album 3rd Songs Sarthak FM, [Download Now]
Nagin Nagin - Sister Sridevi (2017)Odia New Movie 5th Songs , [Download Now]
Bhakata Bindura (2017) Sarthak FM Odia New Bhajan Songs , [Download Now]
Kasi Casmis (Abhijit Majumdar) Odia Album Songs , [Songs] ~ [Videos]
Satyaban au Sabitri Odia Sabitri special Songs , [Download Now]
He Sai Natha (2017) - Rudra Mohanty Odia New Bhajan Songs , [Download Now]
Rahija Raghuaa Khaiki Jibu - Romeo Juliet (2017) Odia New Movie 3rd Songs , [Download Now]
Love U Nandini (2017) Odia New Movie 1st Promo Songs , [Download Now]
Kouthi Achu - Abhay (2017) Odia New Movie 4th Promo Songs , [Download Now]
Tulasi Apa (2017)Odia New Movie All Original Songs , [Songs] ~ [Videos]
Manisa Jibana (2017) - Humane Sagar Odia New Christian Songs , [Download Now]
O Jaanaa O Jaanaa (2017) - Sarthak FM Odia New Album Songs , [Download Now]
Sahe Janamara (2017) - Taal Music Odia New Album Songs , [Download Now]
Dj Kiran Nayagarh Dance Mix Dj Songs , [Download Now]
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